Deathcross, Blackrock's blockchain investment and roadmap analysis

Jun 28, 2021 3 min read
Deathcross, Blackrock's blockchain investment and roadmap analysis

The feared intersection between MA50 and MA200 has occured on BTC's daily chart, Blackrock wishes to acquire blockchain-related skills, and how to analyze the roadmap of a BSC coin.

Weekly news :

China keeps fighting crypto-currencies :

After the declaration made 2 weeks ago on their intention to shut down bitcoin mining farms, the chinese government is now taking actions that could reduce more than 90% of its mining capacity.

Also, China has joined the group of country that has banished bitcoin transactions on bank accounts.

This is adding pressure on the nerves of the cryptoecosystem, which are already tensed.

Blackrock is hiring engineers to develop a blockchain-investment strategy

“We’re hiring an engineering lead for distributed ledger technology to build out our expertise and execution capabilities in the distributed ledger technology space. While we have engineers working in the distributed ledger technology space today, this hire will allow us to increase our focus and capacity.”

This job-post means a lot to private crypto-investors, as it shows that big investment funds are interested in the blockchain technology.

This could bring more efficiency to the actual system, having well-paid engineers developping blockchains with intrinsic value : In fact, they aim to tokenise traditional assets like real estate or gold.

Furthermore, it could bring a little more stability to this volatile and fragile system by having some cryptocurrencies backed by tangible assets.

Technical Market Analysis : Death cross

-BTC/USDT daily chart, visible deathcross

As everyone heard about, BTC's moving averages 50 and 200 just crossed, also known as the death cross. There is not much to explain here, throughout history, this pattern always happened before a major drop in prices of the underlying asset/index.

This is quite concerning as it means BTC is losing bullish momentum, and cryptocurrencies are extremly correlated during drops, so take care with your wallet, even if you are not invested in BTC.

Tips to DYOR : Roadmap analysis

The tip we want to share with you today is the following :

-Look for achievable roadmaps if you are planning on long-term value.

A cryptocurrency's value is based on 2 things :



For the 1st one, marketing is all it takes, seek for community that are actively promoting their projects on social medias, listing websites and have planned a reasonable marketing budget. (not too high, that could be unsafe if the team has too much control over the supply).

The 2nd one and most important on a long-term basis, is the roadmap. The Devs of the token should have a clear and achievable roadmap stated on their website too build the utility of their token. You, as an investor, should seek the project you believe will bring utility to the blockchain as a whole, and see if the devs are determined to achieve every milestone stated on the roadmap.


This week, we want to bring attention on 2 interesting projects that are listed on coinhunt and deserves to be explained a little more in depth :

- TIKI is a BNB-reflection token, this mean that by holding $TIKI in your wallet, investors will earn BNB as a remuneration.

The website features an app to keep track of your earnings and your staked tokens.

-Tiki's roadmap

As you can see, Tiki's roadmap is very marketing-oriented, that is because the core utility of the token is already implemented, that is earning BNB by holding $TIKI.

Maybe the team will add more milestones in the future to keep investors interested in the project.

-SUPERMISSION, this token has started as a charity-token to build popularity among investors. Now that the project is launched in the crypto-space, devs want to build utility to create value and keep the token alive.

For short-term remuneration, the team promises 10% of buybacks, which should increase price if demand and supply stay constant.

-Supermission's first roadmap

As you can see, the first objectives are marketing-oriented, and the team intends to add utilities with an NFT markeplace to start. This is a first draft of their roadmap and it should evolve as the team gains visibility on the bsc ecosystem.

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